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Cherish your body, experience yoga. Vibrate different.

Cherish your body, experience yoga. Vibrate different. 

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Yoga futurs practionners

Futurs practionners 

Find yoga class adapted to your body and spirit, near your job or of your holiday resort. Fall detox week-end ? Yoga class on the beach to Marseille ? Yoga class in a beautiful garden ? After choosing which experience class you desire, you have just to select and to book online. Your teacher will rceive a notification.



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Yoga teacher and studio

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Ashtanga yoga retreat with Sheshadri

18th to 24th September 2017- Marseille

Posted by Vanessa Brouillet on 11/08/17


Special workshop: yama and niyama in Hatha-Yoga

17-18 th of September - Lille

Posted by Emmanuelle Dufour le 15/08/17


Yoga Morning in Saint Paul de Vence

On saturday 2nd of September 9:30- 11:00 AM-  Saint Paul de Vence

Posted by Sophie Mc Gregor on 10/08/17


One yoga, different styles

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a very popular yoga. It is necessary to say that this dynamic yoga which comes to us from Mysore, in the South of India, was popularized by Madonna. Ashtanga Yoga consists of six series of chains (sequences of movements) and postures which go crescendo to difficulties. He attracts for his side more physical and tonic than the traditional yoga. After working day in seated position, Ashtanga is ideal to develop the muscle, tone up and release(relax) the body. The breath is very important. And this practice really brings a "breath" to the body and to the spirit. Worked out by Patthabi Jois, this yoga was designed for young students in the prime of life.. As beginning, we repeat at first the first posture before passing to the following ones. Regularly, the professor comes and correct postures. 

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most more traditional yoga, this yoga crossed ages. Hatha Yoga indicates all the physical forms of yoga including asanas (postures) and exercises of breath (pranayamas). This type of yoga finds himself in practically all the styles practised in West. An entitled course "Hatha Yoga" will be dedicated to the learning of asanas and basic chains(basic sequences of movements) with a quiet rhythm. A short relaxation conclued the course. Its symbolic interpretation indicates the hatha yoga as the union of the sun (hâ) and the moon (thâ ). An advice(council) to choose well your court of yoga is to feel your affinity with the energy of the professor. A course can seem slow at first sight but it is really the infused energy by the professor who changes all. 

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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a soft, very soft yoga. A cocktail of postures quite more relaxing the some than the others. They are held for a long time to leave the body and the mental calm down totally. We use in reinforcements of pillows, bricks to allow the members to loosen comfortably without talking of pains. Then, there are no more movements and efforts."The yoga restorative is an active relaxation" explain Judith Lasater, the creator of the Restorative Yoga. An experience of cure, recovery, the powerful, which also remembers the Yin Yoga.

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Opinions & advices

« We have not still directly tested Capyoga at Yama, but knowing long-time Christophe Bourgois, I can testify of his seriousness. It is one of the rare people who puts her personal intimate posture of yogi in the service of his work, of the listening and of the needs for others. I had the opportunity to appreciate its professionalism and its availability on the other projects on which we have already worked together ».

Vanessa Brouillet
Yama Aix/Marseille Studio


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Capyoga is connecting you with yoga practice, yoga's spirit and yogis. Thanks to our greats, engaged and enthousiastics teachers, we transform together our world in a world of peace. Our aim ? To make yoga a popular discipline, promote its incredible benefits on body, mind and spirit. To submit that you connect with yoga and meditation community everywhere in the world.

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